Wednesday, November 18, 2015

It's Rapist Season With Margaret Cho

Getting Jizzy With It!
l-r: Rhonda Bernstein, Margaret & Me
Photo: Ken Phillips
Did the caption above sound somewhat irreverent? Well good! I caught all around awesome person and spirit animal Margaret Cho this past weekend, November 14th at The Wiltern to be exact, on her psyCHO tour. Refer to the photo above of me and my fellow Sagittarius engaging. 

One of Margaret's hot topics in her show is rape & sexual abuse. She has been a victim of it and is speaking out, loud, and irreverent, of course.

If you have been the victim of any sexual violation, it can affect you in ways you never expected. Sometimes it isn't so much the act as it is the reaction to it from others in your life that can alter your being. 

Moran, Margaret's Korean name, recently tackled this with a new song and video: I Want To Kill My Rapist.

Now this is not a literal thing, it's about killing the rapist, or sexual violator inside of you. 

Yes, the "killing" part is a metaphor...or is it? Check out the video after the jump!

"Kill It" with Margaret at:

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