Thursday, November 12, 2015

Margaret Cho Goes "Grasshopper"

Margaret Sheared
Photo: Dan Tuffs
"Sexual abuse, becomes self abuse if you don't murder the rapist inside you" - Margaret Cho

Margaret Cho stated on her recent appearance on The View that she wants you to "snatch the pebble from my hand" for those of you who don't know the TV classic Kung Fu, well Grasshopper you have much to learn...that's why Wikipedia was invented. 

Yes, Cho has sheared her hair for her video I Want To Kill My Rapist which debuts tomorrow, Friday the 13th on

The song is about people expressing their views and ridding themselves of their anger against all types of sexual abuse. As Margaret puts it: "Cathartic rage has to have voice."

Watch the clip from Margaret's appearance on The View below.

Looking forward to seeing you again at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA Saturday the 14th Margaret, it's been too long. 

                                                                 The View 

Kill Your Rapist With Margaret at:    

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