Sunday, December 20, 2015

Actress & Breastfeeding Pixie, Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano
Who Wears Short Hair? I Wear Short Hair!
Happy 43rd Birthday to Alyssa Milano ! Alyssa has been one of my grrrrrrl crushes since Charmed, no not Who's The Boss, I like my women legal. 
One of the things I adore about her, is not only her special brand of pretty & accessible. But she is also down to earth and no nonsense. If she believes in something she is not one to trifle with. For example her recent middle finger wave to those who criticized her for breastfeeding in front of others. Hello?! She spends hours in a make-up chair, what is she supposed to do, starve her child?!

So what does one do for your 43rd Birthday when you have it all? Why go pixie or go home! Yes Alyssa took to her Instagram page with her latest version of the pixie look.

About twelve years ago she wore a short do on Charmed. She captioned the image with the following: "Short hair don't care"
Of course her followers went wild pontificating:
"Season 6 Phoebe is back!" one person said.
The late great Elizabeth Taylor also made the mix.
"Remind me of Elizabeth Taylor," a fan wrote.
"You look like Elizabeth Taylor beautiful," said another.

Love you Alyssa missing you on Mistresses!

Look for the Hair Necessities with Alyssa on Instagram: 

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