Monday, December 7, 2015

All I Want For Christmas Is Uncle Jesse's Ass

John Stamos
Has A Booty To Flaunt!
52 year old John Stamos who starred in the family oriented sitcom Full House and is reviving it on Netflix as Fuller House. While he is currently starring on FOX in Grandfathered

He recently bared his ass in the pages of Paper Magazine, oh there was an interview too in case you care to read past this awesome sight.

Normally I do not mention ages of celebrities here on Entertain Me because I think they are irrelevant. However in the case of an actor starring on a comedy series about being a grandfather having the ass of some half his age, well, yeah, it felt like I should. Not to mention most JS fans have been panting for this much skin for a long while. Crossing our fingers what he is packing shows up in a pictorial soon!

With his successful decades spanning career there is no real reason for dropping trou other than flaunting it while you've still got it. Hey, that's enough reason for anyone over 50 to go for it! 

Lick It! With John Stamos on IMDB

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