Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Cherie Bomb!

Cherie Is Da Bomb!
With all the things happening New Year's Eve everywhere around the world I'm going to tell you where the Hell I'm gonna be!

I will be seeing Runaways legend, chainsaw chick and all around awesome grrrrrl Ms. Cherie Currie & The Glam Skanks performing the songs of, what else? The Runaways

Cherie also has a really great solo album out now, titled: Reverie - check out the interview I did with her about it here:

The blessed event will take place at Monty Bar, located in Downtown Los Angeles.
Do I Look Like Mother Theresa?
Cherie Currie
If you can't make it, well your motherfucking loss - unless you are out of state and the area. Well then peace to you and Happy 2016!

For Show Info Visit the Monty Bar at:

Get Your "Bomb" on with Cherie at:

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