Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Who's Your Favorite DICKtator, Margaret Cho?

Margaret Cho
Kim Jong Il
While Margaret Cho is most famous for her portrayal of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il on 30 Rock for which she received an Emmy Nomination. She has decided to take on portraying and slaying even more of them in her music video DICKtator which drops today.

So many new videos on Tuesday December 1st results in red eye, in a good way, I always say.

Margaret has something to say about it, hey you didn't think she wouldn't did you?! 

"Here's a fun song I did with Princess Superstar and C Fire Da Rambler. It struck me that we needed an apocalyptic battle rhymes song to deal with the news of the day. My friends and I played dictators through history and Andy my partner shot it all on our  phones and edited it on my laptop. We laughed so much while making it and we hope you do too" - Margaret Cho

Cheers, here's to you Donald Trump!

Jump down to the video: 

DICKtate with Margaret at:


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