Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie Was My First

On Of The True Greats
David Bowie

So saddened to hear the news that one of the biggest influences in my life on many levels, David Bowie has passed away due to cancer.

Dear David,

This is an open letter to you to list the numerous ways you have impacted my life throughout the years.

My first exposure to you musically was the Ziggy Stardust personae and album. I was mesmerized by it. Favorite song: Suffragette City. I heard the album years before I owned it via a friend of my parents teenage son, yeah I was a mere kid then.

The first album I owned by you? Let's Dance. Favorite song? China Girl

"Yes" David you were my first. My first major rock show ever! The Tubes opened for you at the Tacoma Dome in Washington State. I will never forget the amazing show you gave a combination of theatricality and brilliant music! Oh, you were also another first for me. My first Rock God crush, yeah I thought you were sexy a fuck!

I met you when I worked at Tower Records Sunset. You were to only star I ever met that I was actually nervous about saying "Hello" to. I remember grabbing a vinyl LP copy of the Tin Machine album for you to sign, when myself and the other employees brought our things to the register, you were so gracious and kind. You signed everyone's treasure with true class. When we expressed our awe of you with regard to the legend you were your response was: "Oh please, I'm no big deal."

I managed to see you in concert a total of four times, each one a religious experience. 

You can never completely know the total depth of the impact you had on my life as a young gay man. But I will leave you with this. You made it easier, seeing someone out there who dared to be different, an innovator and mostly dared to be himself.

R.I.P. Thin White Duke 

                                                               China Girl

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