Thursday, January 28, 2016

Hey Aisha Tyler, Just Say Not To The Topknot

When Did Pebbles Flintstone Join "The Talk?"

Women now have a hair style to rival the hideous Man Bun which is overwhelmingly reviled among the public yet some men still insist on wearing them. It's called the Topknot, and one of my favorite personalities Aisha Tyler made the poor decision call of sporting this parasitic looking style.

Of course people took to Twitter to voice how much they hated it and for some reason Aisha felt picked on and defended her fashion error. 

Aisha went on The Talk stating: “I work on television and I feel very lucky that I get to come here and play and be playful and have fun.” then she went as far to say “If I came out here and I was worried about how you felt about about how I looked every day, then I would be a pretty empty shell of a person.”

Um, Aisha I think you are taking this to heart way to much. I mean the rants said you are "pretty and why would you wear such a thing"

That does not sound like hating or bullying it sounds like caring. Seriously like the Man Bun the Topknot does the person wearing it no favors. No one looks good with it!

I Still love you Aisha at:

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