Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's Selfie Saturday!

Grrrrrrrl Power Selfie!
Demi Lovato & Carrie Underwood
Since it is merely the 2nd day of 2016 and everyone is still New Year giddy I thought to myself: Hey, it's a good day to break out that old standby known as "Selfie Saturday."

This selfie is full of so much charisma, beauty and talent it's gonna turn your giddy up to euphoric proportions.

Why it's none other than Demi Lovato & Carrie Underwood! Via Dick Clark's Rockin' New Year's Eve With Ryan Seacrest. Say that three times fast!

I must say all I ever knew about Demi until recent, was she was a child star. Well she is now one of my favorite performers and singers. With songs I love and the powerhouse performances she has been giving on various shows, including Rockin' Eve proves her to be one of the best!

Carrie is a given she started out on top and has managed to stay there! Happy 2016 to two of my favorites!

Demi on Instagram

Carrie on Instagram   

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