Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Look At Me It's...Sandra Dee's?

Like A Virgin?
Vanessa Hudgens & Julianna Hough

"Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee, Lousy with virginity
Won't go to bed 'til I'm legally wed
I can't; I'm Sandra Dee"
- Sandra Dee, Grease 

With the January 31st date of Grease: Live! drawing near, I spied this cool photo of our latest incarnations of Sandy & Rizzo out promoting the Really Big Shoo in New York City, NYC, The Big Apple, take a bite!

My gut instinct says this production is going to be a smashing entity all on it's own terms and I really can't wait for it to air.

I am especially excited to see my High School Musical crush, Vanessa Hudgens portray Rizzo! While I am sure Julianne Hough will be fine as Sandy, who doesn't like the bad girls best?

Let's face it, there can only be one goody two shoes in da house!

"Hey Fongool, I'm Sandra Dee!"

Go "Live" or go home! at: 

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