Thursday, January 14, 2016

Unhappy Ending With Lucy Hale

Do I Look Happy?!
Lucy Hale
Pretty Little Liars is back, five years after the torture "A" aka Charlotte DiLaurentis and guess who turned up D-E-A-D in Rosewood? "A" got out of the nut house and someone killed her ass!

Obviously this will be the central mystery (with a lot of sub plots happening) for the seventh and rumor has it, final season of the show. 

What did I think you ask? I loved the five year forward jump. It added much needed new life to the show. While I would never abandon my "Liars" the switching things up move proved to be awesome! Kudos to the astute writing.

How will it all end? Out of the mouth of Lucy Hale aka Aria Montgomery comes this bold statement:

"I used to say, oh I want the girls to end up happy and live an A-free life, but I kind of want it to end really tragically," Hale shares. "I want people to be really upset, like they've lost something when the show ends, because I know that my favorite shows have ended that way, so a tragic ending. I'll just leave it at that." 

Bingo! I have to get with Lucy on this comment. Cheers to an unhappy series finale!

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