Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Vanity" Thy Name Is Woman


Denise Matthews best known as Vanity has passed away at 57. While most people know her as the Prince protege who fronted the grrrrrrrl group Vanity 6, I most fondly remember her as a charismatic presence on the silver screen.

"Yes" I would see movies because Vanity was in them. Why else would I have checked out The Last Dragon & Action Jackson?! 52 Pick-Up had other reasons to see it, but Vanity was still one of them.

It's a shame that she had moved on from Prince before Purple Rain as she was the intended star of it. Instead we got stuck with Apollonia. While PR is a good film, I am sure Vanity would have made it much better.

While the cause of her death has yet to be revealed suffice it to say Denise was not of good health in her latter years. 

The nice thing about stars when they pass away is while their physical energy will be missed, their spirit lives on through the work they left behind.

I will be checking out 52 Pick-Up again this weekend.

Vanity on IMDB:

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