Sunday, March 27, 2016

Confession: Gwen Stefani On Sexuality

Be Like Gwen 

With a new album out This Is What The Truth Feels Like Mama Gwen Stefani is making a bold confession about sexuality.

"I would be blessed with a gay son," she told Pride Source. "You know that I would feel blessed about that. I just want my boys to be happy and healthy, and I just ask God to guide me every day to be a good mother because it is not an easy job."

Can I get an "Amen?" Can you believe she actually drew criticism for letting her sons paint their nails?! Seriously everyone get a fucking life! If you focused your concern on what you were doing, instead of tearing apart others the world would be a better place. 

Let's spread love and acceptance, rather than hate and fear. If we did imagine the possibilities it would create in the world?

Whatever Easter Sunday means to you, why not try following Gwen or someone like her as an example?

Make it the day you reflect on yourself and actually think about how you can be a better person and treat your fellow man with more compassion. The world is an inclusive place. Start living in it rather than fighting it.

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