Friday, March 4, 2016

Hit The Road Cadbury, It's Cumberbunny!

Eat Me?
Tired of the same old Easter traditions? Well hit the road Cadbury there's a new bunny in town, Cumberbunny! A Wascally Wabbit which features the face of actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

Cumberbitches rejoice this ones gotta be right up your alley and sure to add a whole knew level to your Easter celebration. While I am personally not sure what that level could possibly be, I'm sure you guys have got me covered on that one. They go for $70 after all.

Chocolatician (this is a word?) Jen Lindsey-Clark said the she decided to do Cumberbunny after she had success with life size chocolate figures of the Oscar nominee with the moniker Chocobatch. So why not let his rabid fanatics cannibalize him for Easter too?

A new Easter tradition? Your call. 

Benedict for real on IMDB:

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