Monday, March 21, 2016

"I'm Sick Of Your Lip" Jillian Barberie

Jillian Barberie 
Jillian Barberie is one of my favorite people. She was generous enough to grant me an interview when she was hosting Good Day LA and I was just starting my writing career. So off I trotted to the GDLA green room at FOX she walked in and couldn't have been more gracious.

Sadly she is no longer on the local morning talk show, and needless to say I have stopped watching. But I have kept up with Jillian on Facebook and Twitter, naturally. 

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with this dynamo here is her intro quote from her Facebook page:

"No hair extensions & my boobs are real. Take THAT LA! Oh & I'm in lotsa TV, movies & stuff."

Recently she lost a chunk of her lip to a Cocker Spaniel, and needed 10 stitches to fix the gash...Yikes!

Jillian, ever the animal lover and animal rights activist had this to say about it:

"Well, Last night (this morning) my friends dog took a big chunk out of my lip. 10 stitches later...Oh my beautiful face! It has been ruined!! LOL (kidding) 

Surgeon said I'll be fine. I have other puncture wounds I didn't know I had because Doctor gave me something called Norco. 

BTW: The dog wasn't being aggressive. As you know, I am a dog lover and took the risk. He had just lost his best friend last week, I was holding him and CRUNCH! There goes my beautiful, glamorous, sultry pouty lip! Too much I love you. LOL. Really, I'm gonna be fine."

Word on the Internet is that Jillian's sultry pouty lip is ready for it's comeback!

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