Monday, March 14, 2016

Justin Bieber "Crotch Pancake"

A Crotch Pancake Please...
Justin Bieber Style!
Remember when Lindsay Lohan was dubbed a "Fire Crotch" in the press? Well you are now free to call Justin Bieber a "Crotch Pancake" I am guessing, based on one of the more odd items to have been reported of late.

This piece by artist Dan Lacey was purchased by none other than rapper, Macklemore. Yep, Macklemore got himself some Justin Bieber peen on his wall! 

The creative mind behind the art was unaware that the Thrift Shop hitmaker had bought it. Here is what Mr. Lacey told Vulture:
“To me, pancakes happen at a spiritual level, sometimes expressing themselves as eroticism. My only problem with this is that the pancake keeps being described as “resting on Bieber’s erect penis," when it obviously has replaced the penis entirely. The pancake is the penis. I’d actually let Bieber put it in me."
There you have it, oh and for the record I would not let Justin put it in me, but I would bridle him in and...fluff up your pillow and dream, people.
Happy Monday and have a terrific week!  
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