Sunday, March 20, 2016

Pimping Disney? Ariana Grande

Paid Shill, or Bad Hairstyle Choice?
Ariana Grands
Is Ariana Grande on the Disney payroll?! That can be the only explanation for her questionable hairstyle. "Yes" in the tradition of the repellent man bun trend, Ariana is sporting mini bobs. Which, depending on your perspective either look like Minnie Mouse ears or an ode to Princess Leia from Star Wars.

Both interpretations prove there may be a conspiracy going on and Disney is paying her to wear them since Minnie and Star Wars are both property of the House of Mouse.

Ariana Grande undercover Disney Pimp, think about it...why the Hell else would her boyfriend Ricky Alvarez be seen in public with her looking this goofy?

The truth is out there, really it is.

Get to the root of what's going on at:  

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