Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Son Of A Preacher Man

Preaching: Just Say No
Tom Goss

Remember the classic tune, Son of a Preacher Man by the legendary Dusty Springfield? Well the song has just been turned on it's ass by singer/songwriter/actor/activist and all around cool guy Tom Goss.

The out, bear loving artist has given the familiar staple a powerful gay twist. 

"A lot of gay men and women have been condemned by religious institutions. Our goal was to speak to that experience and show how destructive it can be. 

We hope that this video reaches people, helps heal people, educates people and provides an outlet to help promote those who are doing so much to curb the pain. 

Notably organizations like The Trevor Project and PFLAG."  States Goss

So without further fanfare stop, look and listen to his awesome take on an old hit!

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