Thursday, March 3, 2016

Your Son Will Come Out, Tomorrow

Here Comes The Son
Jesse Tyler-Ferguson
Dare I say bet your bottom dollar? Who knows, I never speculate about others sexuality, nor the position they assume. That's because I can tell without asking.

In the case of actor Jesse Tyler-Ferguson there is no speculation on the sexuality end for anyone. Not only does he play a gay character on TV's Modern Family, but guess what? He is out, no Velvet Closet, Rope, Whip or Chain is keeping this one down.

When I saw this image of him on the set of MF dressed as Annie, it made me smile, not to mention I laughed, because it's, well, pretty gay, like satire, to me at least.

Hey, if seeing this image of the iconic red moppet paid homage to with a 5 o'clock shadow and hairy legs doesn't crack your lips open to show some teeth, then maybe you need to lighten the fuck up!

Smiles everybody, smiles! Oh, and happy Thursday to all and to all a good...

Jesse on IMDB:

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