Sunday, April 17, 2016

Out & "So Happy" Jason Walker

Cool Rider
Jason Walker

Jason Walker has a new single out! Aren't you "So Happy"???

Two-time Grammy nominated dance producer Tony Moran and Out Music Award winner Jason Walker unite on the season’s most powerful pop-dance record, “So Happy”. Written by Tony Moran and Chris Willis – the American gospel singer turned electronic dance music phenomenon for his work with David Guetta - the epic single features an amazing vocal performance by Jason Walker, a superstar collection of remixes and a visionary music video by Karl Giant.  “So Happy” is available now on iTunes.

                                                                 So Happy

“With all that's happening in the world today, isn't that what everyone wants: to be happy and feel good,” wonders Jason Walker from his home in New York City.  “The dance floor is my happy place.  It’s where I can forget my troubles and let the music take over.  For me, music is the universal truth and when a hard beat pulses through my body, there is simply no better feeling than that.  My hope is that ‘So Happy’ lifts listeners to their own place of pure joy.” 

When deciding on a location to shoot the song’s music video, videographer Karl Giant – who has shot videos for Cyndi Lauper, Ultra Nate, and The One’s - had in mind a destination that was a bit grander in scale than a dance floor.  He whisked Walker to a land of breathtaking panoramas and transcendent realities. 

“We went to the Salt Flats in Utah!” Walker explains.  “It turned out to be one of the most exhilarating, life-changing experiences ever. Five days in the desert was insanely riveting.”

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