Monday, April 4, 2016

Party Like A Lesbian With Lady Gaga

The Ladies Who Party
Lady Gaga & Friends
Lady Gaga took some time off from Taylor Kinney to indulge her sapphic side. She is an admitted bi-sexual after all and headed West to Palm Springs, CA for the Club Skirts pool party during Dinah Shore Weekend. I am sure about half of the women attending do not even know who Dinah Shore was at this point and juncture, but hey, any excuse to party, riiiiiiiiiight?! 

Gaga hung out and mingled where the girls are and paid a visit to Lindsay Lohan's ex Samantha Ronson who was the pool party DJ. From the photo above it's looks like a good time! I'm thinking I should attend next year...oh right no men allowed. Does this mean you have to check any strap-on's at the door too?

Happy Monday and have a terrific week!

PS Why the Fuck was sapphic spell checked and there was no word suggestions to replace it, that were remotely like it? Fuck never gets flagged as misspelled anymore and sapphic does? Just sayin'...

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