Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A Message From E.G. Daily

In the middle of one wild & crazy day yesterday, fielding what seemed like my millionth call, what to my wandering ears did I hear? But the familiar beep of a text message coming in...well it was from none other than my friend E.G. asking me this:

"Hi Sweety ! I wanted to see if you could do a little FYI to your peeps about my gig coming up at the Whisky July 22 I will be headlining w Missing Persons for a fun 80's night!"

Done and I am so in! You should be too E.G. slayed when she performed there last in November and I expect she will again since Ms. Thang is a natural born entertainer.

Also there is the bonus of an 80's theme that brings Missing Persons along for the ride.

Forget penciling it in, use a pen, how about sending a text to yourself about it. Whatever you do you won't want to miss this date! Hope to see you there!

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