Sunday, May 1, 2016

Cool Riders: Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper

I'll Drive Next Time
Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper 
Move over Felix & Oscar there is a new Odd Couple in town, Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper. Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

Gaga & Bradley cool rode on a motorcycle recently to have dinner at Giorgio Baldi Italian restaurant in Santa Moinca, CA. I wonder what they could be up to, I'd love to know, wouldn't you?

Collaboration perhaps? Talking about the Gay Agenda? Gaga giving Cooper some fashion tips? Or perhaps Cooper is going to be Gaga's maid of honor when she weds Taylor Kinney?

Whatever the reason this image is crazy cool like a Sunday should be.

Yeah, I went there.

So, the next time you think to yourself: "What would Lady Gaga do?" Well getting on a motorcycle and having dinner with someone seemingly random is one of those things. 

Have a Succulent Sunday!!! 

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