Sunday, May 22, 2016

Cyndi Lauper Lasso's #4!!!

The Odd Couple
Cyndi Lauper + Country Music
Like who knew?! After all these years as a pop icon, Cyndi Lauper decided to go country. Surprise! She rules at it and her country debut "Detour" was number four with a bullet on the Billboard Country Music Chart it's first week of release. Go Cyndi, Go Cyndi, Co Cyndi, Go....!!!

Tell us about it, Cyndi: 

"These songs had a profound impact on me when I was a little girl listening to my Aunt Gracie's kitchen radio in Queens. I grew up listening and admiring Patsy Cline, Patsy Montana, Hank Williams - all the greats from the Golden Age of country. It was an honor to record those beautiful songs for DETOUR and I am so thankful for the fans and the country music community for welcoming me with open arms," Lauper said.

Reviews Don't Lie:

“Cyndi Lauper tackles the genre with characteristically daring eccentricity.” - Keith Harris, Rolling Stone

“Once again [...] Cyndi Lauper has dauntlessly created a triumphantly amazing new release.” - Eileen Shapiro, Huffington Post

“...(Lauper) proves herself not only a competent country vocalist [...] but also a masterful interpreter in the classic tradition of the best female country vocalists of the late-‘60s.” - John Paul, Pop Matters

“[...] like Prince, the Grammy-winning vocalist is also constantly reinventing herself.” Megan Seling, Nashville Scene

“DETOUR makes all the right turns, never missing an opportunity to surprise the listener or stretch Cyndi’s style just far enough to keep things interesting.” - Jonathan Riggs, Idolator

She's So Unusual at:

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