Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Domestic Abuse

Johnny Depp & Amber Heard
The subject of Domestic Abuse has grabbed worldwide focus again in the divorce of world famous superstar Johnny Depp and his Wife Amber Heard

Johnny has been vehemently defended by friends and his former partner Vanessa Paradis with whom he has two children. Many of Depp's friends calling Heard a manipulative gold digger.

Let's put the mud slinging and the whole taking sides thing away for a moment to focus on a subject that should always be treated respectfully and with sensitivity. This commentary is not about lying whores or evil pricks. It's about being aware that this is an issue that affects 1 in 4 Women and 3 million Men

It's about those who take advantage of someone else's emotional and physical vulnerability. Again this is not about side taking, or about Depp and Heard, it is about educating. Just because someone does not abuse all of their partners, does not mean they will not abuse others.

My good friend Romi Simmons wrote this account about her Mother in the wake of all this:

"Just weighing in .... From personal experience ... Some people don't behave the same with other partners... Usually the dynamics... Brought out by each other.....My Dad beat my Mom... But he didn't beat his other wife or his GF. They never believed the stories I told them. Nor did our community.... Plus they always said women who stay with Men who abuse them Must like it... Lol... I remember that always pissed me off... That statement... We didn't like it.. We just didn't know we had a way out...."

This is something that most people do not consider when they hear that someone is being abusive to another human being that has never done the same to them. It's an important point that needs to be addressed more in the press by those who report it. The sensationalism, insensitivity and ignorance toward this has got to stop. 

If you or someone you know is a victim of domestic abuse, there is a way out. 

The National Domestic Violence Hotline1-800-799-7233   

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