Friday, May 13, 2016

FBF: Welcome To Camp Crystal Lake...

"Kill her, Mommy! Kill her! Don't let her get away, Mommy! Don't let her live!"
- Pamela Voorhees

Since I participated in Throwback Thursday yesterday, because, well it was Thursday, duh, I thought I would take the opportunity to engage in Flashback Friday, ya know, since it's Friday the 13th after all.

Think back to the year 1980 when the original Friday the 13th movie was released at the height of the slasher film craze. At what point was that in your life? Me? I was a Freshman in High School, be nice now. 

I was too young to get in to see it solo and no one would take me. So I had to wait for home video. What I do remember was it upped the ante in terms of graphic killings on screen. 

The story of  doomed counselors at the now legendary Camp Crystal Lake aka Camp Blood had critics recoiling and audiences shrieking!

Everyone in school who had been able to see it was a buzz about it describing the bloody deaths of the camp staff with a perverse glee.

When I finally got around to seeing it, the horror movie that raised the bar had been surpassed by others post it.

The original Friday the 13th is now considered a horror classic because of it's influence on the genre. Something I know at the time was never contemplated of happening.

It remains one of my favorites of a specific place and time in cinema, because, in case you haven't guessed it "Yes"I love a good scare...Boo! Happy Friday the 13th!

Check out the trailer for the original Friday the 13th after the jump!

The Original on IMDB  

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