Sunday, May 8, 2016

It's Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
l-r My Sister, Mom & Me
Hello peeps, and Happy Mother's Day! Today is the day specifically set aside to honor that special someone who you call Mom, I personally never use the word Mother because I use that word for other things.

Today I am honoring two women, my Mom and my Sister. While my Sister obviously isn't my Mom but she is an amazing Step Mom to my three awesome nieces. Also it is my wonderful siblings Birthday today as well. 

Sue is the best Sister in the world. She is always there for me with her love and support and most importantly if I need to confide in someone she can keep a secret. 

My Mom is always there for me as well. Her belief in me and the path I am on never falters. Of course we aren't always on the same page, but the love is unconditional. 

The photo above was taken outside the Tides Tavern (in case you couldn't tell) in Gig Harbor, WA when I was visiting for Christmas after we all had lunch there. I remember it well. I had my first steak and brie sandwich, YUM! 

Good Times! Miss you two, love you and I will see you again soon. 

Happy Mother's Day Mom & Sue

Happy Birthday Sis, no I won't say how old you are <wink>

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