Monday, May 9, 2016

So Long, Farewell..."The Good Wife"

Bye, Bye, Bye
The Good Wife
For those of you who are not fans of The Good Wife, well you missed out. For those of you who are, if you haven't seen the series finale that aired last night yet, stop reading now (spoilers!)

I'm going to go against popular flow and state I actually loved the finale. Although I think there was too much time wasted on Peter's trial that could have been used to give Cary and Diane a little more closure, to me it was the perfect way to close one of the best shows to ever  air on Network TV.

Alicia Florrick is committed, if nothing else to being "The Good Wife." so committed that she burned everything and everyone around her to achieve the goal of helping her husband Peter, while actually becoming him. 

A change for the better? Perhaps not, but Alicia has always been an island unto herself and at the end of the show that's the way she ends up transformed and alone. No Peter as she walks away from him while making it clear she wants Jason by calling out his name while doing so.

No Jason he ghosted her in the crowd when Peter resigned and accepted a years probation for his recklessness. Like a ghost he vanished too.

Diane is gone too as Alicia went behind her back and betrayed her by getting fellow lawyer and partner in crime Lucca Quinn to put Diane's husband Kurt through the ringer on the stand in Peter's corruption case to help out her husband.

Will Gardner came back as a ghostly guide of sorts. More like the only shred of conscience Alicia had left. It worked and was fun to see the two of them together again. 

Alicia ending up alone was quite fitting. For those of you who thought she should end up with Jason, I felt her having her fun with him was enough as the story was hers. Hey, Alicia Florrick definitely  is one woman who above all else never needed a man.

While I will miss the show, what a great ride! 

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