Thursday, June 30, 2016

TBT: Back In Time

Let's go "Back In Time" literally to a film trilogy that that has had a HUGE impact on our culture and is the reason we now have Throwback Thursday, the "Back to the Future" series!!!

This documentary is a look at the very real impact the Back to the Future movies have had on our culture. This tightly-focused film shows that what was once a little idea became something truly amazing which resonated through the culture.

Spanning over two years of filming, Back in Time is a cinematic monument to the immensity of the trilogy's fandom. By capturing countless of hours of footage and interviews, the crew watched as the impact of the trilogy became apparent. Steven Spielberg, Robert Zemeckis, Bob Gale, James Tolkan, Lea Thompson, Christopher Lloyd and Michael J. Fox all give must-see interviews about their experiences with the movie.

                                                              Back In Time

Back in Time began as a project conceived by Jason Aron, a fan of the Back to the Future series, that was posted to the crowdfunding website Kickstarter in June 2013. Over 600 people backed the campaign, pledging over $45,000 in order for the documentary to be made The film was shot over a period of two years; while production primarily took place in the United States, another filming location was that of London, England during a Back to the Future fan event. The film opened theatrically on October 21st 2015, the day that the series' protagonist Marty McFly travels to in Back to the Future Part II

Gregory Weinkauf of The Huffington Post said that the documentary "gets to the heart of the Back to the Future phenomenon, proving as enjoyable as the franchise it affectionately explores", calling it "a delightful return to, and updating of, a beloved story".

Reviewer Logan J. Fowler of the website Pop-Break noted that it was "a well crafted and awesome look back at the movie that changed so many lives in the past, and will continue to do so in the future."

The DVD can be ordered now at the MVD Shop or on Amazon.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Prince Harry, Rocker With A Cause

Wild About Prince Harry
"And we'll never be royals (royals). It don't run in our blood"  - Lorde "Royals"

Honestly I have never really been a follower of the Royal Family, it has never been my thing. That being stated the major exception to that rule was of course Princess Diana. She was the only princess that really crossed over and made a huge impact on the world around her.

Kudos to Prince Harry for keeping his mother's legacy of philanthropy and giving alive. Last night the Prince belted out a tune with the band Coldplay in the backyard of Kensington Palace who was headlining a benefit for his Sentebale Charity which he aided in establishing in 2006

The proceeds went to the people of Lesotho in South Africa battling HIV and AIDS.
"Sentebale, meaning forget me not in Sesotho, has helped tens of thousands of children in just over a decade." The Prince stated.

He continued: "What we know is that HIV is a virus that thrives off silence and feeds on stigma. We must follow the example of the young people of Lesotho, and meet one of the great challenges of our generation with optimism, energy, and openness. That's what tonight is all about. When people come together for a purpose we can achieve extraordinary things."

Somewhere Diana is one proud Mama
Harry on Twitter:

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Show Your Pride #Party2Life

It's Party Time!
Jade Starling
Jade Starling, a songbird by any other name is not the same.

Continuing to enjoy a career resurgence highlighted by last fall’s celebrated return to the Billboard Dance charts with her highest rankings since her iconic classic hit “Catch Me I’m Falling,” JADE STARLING of Pretty Poison today takes tremendous “pride’ in releasing the “feel good” anthem of the summer, #PARTY2LIFE.

#PARTY2LIFE is a “Celebration of Life” anthem promoting “Solidarity, Unity and Love,” inspired in part by her passionate bond with the LGBT community, for which she has been a career-long advocate. The song arrives at a time when, she says, “we really need to focus on bringing a Positive light into our lives.”

“We can heal through music,” says Jade, “and together we can make a difference.”

#PARTY2LIFE is yet another irresistibly catchy collaboration with Jade’s inseparable writing partner, Whey Cooler, with music by DJ Mike Ferullo of Tazmania Records. The new track is already a Buzz Record and getting adds at Dance Radio.

The #PARTY2LIFE party kicks into high gear this weekend, when the song debuts on the hugely popular Hollywood Hamilton’ National ReMix Top 30 countdown in over 80 radio markets nationwide, New York’s WKTU, a leading IHeart Media affiliate. This Sunday (June 26), Jade will be the Featured Artist on the WKTU Float in the NYC Gay Pride March, performing to a massive live crowd. She will be shooting more footage for her upcoming #PARTY2LIFE music video at the New York Pride March, as well.

Jade also has been busy shooting the #PARTY2LIFE video during performances in both the Washington DC and Philadelphia Pride events. She will be touring extensively in support of this record while working on her next solo album, the follow-up to her critically acclaimed CAPTIVE, which spawned three Billboard club hits, including the #3 smash “Better and Better.”

#PARTY2LIFE includes outstanding remixes by Scene Kings, Luca Debonaire, Pink Panda UK, JJ Muller, and B & B Elektromind. It’s a summer dance package that’s sure to “Bring this #Party2Life!”

Jade Starling on the Web:

Monday, June 27, 2016

Love For The Win

Power Of Love
Dalai Lama & Lady Gaga
"Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them" - Dalai Lama

It's the last Monday of the final week of June 2016. Yikes! We are already half way through the year!!!

Headed into the July 4th weekend I thought it would be nice to start the week off with some L-O-V-E, what's that spell? Love!

Pictured above are Lady Gaga and the Dalai Lama. If that doesn't say love I don't know what else could. 

Gaga joined Lama at the J.W. Marriott in Indiana to speak about kindness with the holy one.

They say example is the best teacher. Let love rule your week!

Be Gaga at: 

Love the Lama at:

Sunday, June 26, 2016

"Beautifully Squeezed Tube Of Toothpaste" Rihanna

Your Hand Is Like Blue Velevt
Rihanna & Chris Martin
Coldplay's consciously un-coupled frontman Chris Martin recently gave an in depth interview to The Guardian where he spoke quite highly of  Rihanna.

You know Rihanna, the music superstar who was featured on Colplay's Princess Of China? You know, her. 

Well Martin came up with a strange/beautiful/WTF? analogy to describe Rihanna's voice.

It's like a "Beautifully squeezed tube of toothpaste" he said.

This is a huge compliment when you think about it. How many times has anyone ever used a tube of toothpaste squeezed in a way that would make you feel you did it "beautifully" and utilized the whole freakin' thing? Yeah, I thought not.

Wow! Wished Chris would have dispensed some of these gems about ex-wife Gwyneth Paltrow, but perhaps those analogies were not nearly as endearing.

Rihanna on Instagram

Chris on Twitter:

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Puppy Love, Lucy Hale

When Lucy Met Elvis

Pretty Little Liars Lucy Hale recently introduced her 14 Million Instagram followers to her little white fur baby, Elvis. Posting several photos with captions like:

'I realize I'm becoming the annoying dog girl but seriously ?! He's so cuddly and fluffy and sweeeet'

She also made a fashion statement by accessorizing Elvis with a pair of overalls pictured above saying:

'Taking overalls to a whole new level with Elvis.' 

Being a huge Pretty Little Liars fan and having a soft spot for adorable little dogs I just had to post this

It's the dog days of summer after all...Happy Saturday!

No word on whether or not Lucy plans to train Elvis to do the Jailhouse Rock as of yet.

Lucy on Instagram:

Friday, June 24, 2016

A New "Meat Loaf" Recipe

Dinner Time!
Meat Loaf
Smell What Meat Loaf Is Cooking...!!!

Grammy Award-winning musician and acclaimed film, TV and stage actor Meat Loaf is readying the release of his highly-anticipated new album “Braver Than We Are” for 429 Records. Working closely again with longtime collaborator Jim Steinman—a key to the magic of multi-platinum selling albums “Bat Out of Hell” and “Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell”—Meat has recorded ten songs in tandem with Steinman, producer Paul Crook and The Neverland Express, which includes John Miceli (drums), Paul Crook (guitars, loops, synths), Randy Flowers (guitars, vocals), David Luther (sax, B3 organ, strings, horn arrangements), Justin Avery (piano, synths, strings, backing vocal arrangements), Danny Miranda (bass), Stacy Michelle (vocals) and Cian Coey (vocals). Guest musician Ricky Medlocke provided the slide guitar solo on “Train of Love.” The tracks on “Braver Than We Are” were written by Steinman, featuring the first song he ever wrote in a storied career to the most recent. While Crook produced the album, Steinman acted as creative consultant throughout the recording process working alongside Paul and Meat from beginning to end, sending suggestions, adding verses and contributing opinions on every aspect. The first single to radio, “Going All The Way,” streaming now at, showcases a reunion with vocalists Ellen Foley and Karla DeVito decades after their first performances on the smash hit “Paradise by the Dashboard Light.” 429 Records will release “Braver Than We Are” digitally, on CD and vinyl in Europe on September 9 and the U.S. and rest of the world on September 16.

In a career spanning over four decades, “Braver Than We Are” is Meat Loaf’s fourth album featuring songs exclusively written by Jim Steinman.” With a painting featuring Meat and Jim together for the first time gracing the cover, the album hearkens back to the hugely successful Meat-Steinman collaborations “Bat Out of Hell” (1977) and “Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell” (1993), which together sold over 67 million units. “Braver Than We Are” is a testament to Meat’s artistic rapport with Steinman. The songwriter’s strikingly vivid style matched with Meat’s incomparable talents not to mention his wit and grandiosity, results in the two successfully connecting with audiences on an epic scale.

“It’s a tribute to Jim Steinman really,” said Meat Loaf. “It’s a tribute to both of us and our work together.”

To Purchase “Braver Than We Are” visit:

iTunes Bonus Edition / Coming soon

Target CD with 3 Bonus Tracks

Amazon CD+DVD Bonus edition, Limited Edition Autographed LP
Deluxe CD/DVD

Autographed Vinyl

Walmart Limited Edition autographed CD / Coming soon

Best Buy

Barnes and Noble CD & Colored Vinyl Exclusive

Meat Loaf on Tour:
Jun 23 Penticton, Canada | South Okanagan Events Centre
Jun 25 Victoria, Canada | Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre
Jun 28 Abbotsford, Canada | Abbotsford Centre
Jun 30 Calgary, Canada | Southern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium
Jul 02 Moose Jaw, Canada | Mosaic Place

More U.S. and European tour dates will be announced soon.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

TBT: "Take Off Your Pants And Jacket"

How fast can you Blink 182 times on the first date?
Srcvinyl is giving a retail wide release to Blink 182's Take Off Your Pants and Jacket on Deluxe 2xLP Vinyl on August 26. Pre-orders are now available here.
The album is mastered for vinyl with lacquers created by Kevin Gray (Cohearent Audio) and includes a gatefold jacket with 11 x 11 insert on limited colored vinyl (Red).
Take Off Your Pants and Jacket is the fourth studio album by the American pop punk band Blink-182. Produced by Jerry Finn, the album was released on June 12, 2001, through MCA Records.
The album had near-immediate success, becoming the first punk rock-identified record to debut at number one on the Billboard 200 and being certified double platinum within three weeks. The LP produced three hit singles — "The Rock Show", "First Date" and "Stay Together for the Kids" — that were top ten hits on modern rock charts.
Take Off Your Pants and Jacket has sold over 14 million copies worldwide.
As previously announced, Take Off Your Pants and Jacket will also be released on cassette alongside several other Blink 182 favorites which are now available for purchase or pre-order in the srcvinyl webstore.
Vinyl Color: Red
Mastered for vinyl and lacquers created by Kevin Gray, Cohearent Audio
Gatefold jacket with 11 x 11 insert
Limited colored vinyl
*Deluxe edition will be released at a later date
Track Listing:
A1 Anthem, Pt. 2
A2 Online Songs
A3 First Date
A4 Happy Holidays, You Bastard
A5 Story Of A Lonely Guy
B1 The Rock Show
B2 Stay Together For The Kids
B3 Roller Coaster
B4 Reckless Abandon
B5 Everytime I Look For You
C1 Give Me One Good Reason
C2 Shut Up
C3 Please Take Me Home
D1 Time To Break Up
D2 Mother's Day
D3 What Went Wrong
D4 Fuck A Dog
D5 Don't Tell Me It's Over
D6 When You Fucked Grandpa

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Sandy Zacky On Orlando #WeAreOrlando

With the tragedy in Orlando still lingering. I held off on addressing it initially because I wanted to process my own thoughts and feelings. Everyone is still reacting as well they should, it was the biggest mass shooting in the United States ever.

People should be concerned, not just gay people. This is something we must pay attention and attend to. It can and most likely will happen again at a place and time you would least expect. 

As a gay man of course I am upset. However it hit me in a more general way, I think about the potential of such an incident in the many familiar places I travel throughout my day. Let's face it no where and no one is safe.

What I wanted to do was give a different point of view on this, perhaps not even mine but something that could add to the dialogue. Here is a fresh prospective. This is from a grandmother who worries about the country and what the future of it holds for her grandchildren. Her name is Sandy Zacky, you may remember her as Entertain Me's resident chanteuse. She wrote this powerful statement the morning of the shooting on her Facebook page:

"I am sure what is on my mind is what is on most people's mind.
I feel sick, angry,helpless and more. 

What now? It is my grandchildren and their generation that I fear for the most. 

What are we we leaving them? A sick world of people whose only quest is to kill those who don't believe as they do. They think we are immoral but who is more immoral than those who MURDER innocents who just want to live
their lives the way they choose?

Those of you who are that sick may murder but you will not take the US down. You are the cowards we will be the survivors!"

Perfectly stated Sandy. Here is a song she performed with her singing partner Mike Clifford dedicated to the victims and survivors of the tragedy, Love Is Everything -

With congress recently turning a blind eye to the problem at hand, something needs to be, before a tragedy like this can happen again.

Donate What You Can At:

Follow Sandy At:

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Tom Hiddleston On The Side

What's Wrong With This Picture?
Take Those Boxers Off!
Tom Hiddleston
Mona Kuhn for W magazine

I don't know if it's the fact that I am hanging out naked at home during the extreme 100 degree plus weather in Los Angeles, but it seems I am fixated on posting images of celebrities showing lots of skin of late.

Yesterday, Sofia Vergara in a teeny weeny black bikini was Entertain Me's poster woman to inaugurate the first day of summer. Today it's the yummy Tom Hiddleston posing in nothing more than boxers for W Magazine, do I need to expand on why?!

Tom star of The Night Manager on AMC bares a lot more in his current film, High Rise. Sad, butt (pun intended) I can't post those photos here. That being stated like myself I know you can all Google, just put your fingers on the keyboard and blow...

Recently Mr. Hiddleston has been rumored to be dating Taylor Swift post her Calvin Harris break up. Hey Taylor, if this is true I challenge you to a duel!

Tom on IMDB

Monday, June 20, 2016

Celebrate Summer w/Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara
Today is the Summer Solstice aka The First Day of Summer...Hooray for Summer! Nothing says summer quite like Sofia Vergara, a black bikini & an inflatable swan. 

Sofia star of the show Modern Family, duh - posted the photo above on her Instagram with the caption: "Pool time #hm #ilovesummer." 

Wonder what she does with that swan though...

Have a terrific summer peeps & Happy Monday, I think.

Sofia on Instagram:

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Me and My Dad, Bill Shinafelt
Photo: Jan Landburg-Shinafelt
Today is the day that we honor our Fathers, "yes" it's Father's Day people! I have a request of all of you, if your Dad is still living please let him know you love him today. Whether it be a phone call, card, Facebook post on his wall or some sort of gift.

A Father's love should be unconditional and I was lucky enough to have a Dad whose was.

My Father is deceased and I miss him all of the time. He passed away February 23, 2009. The cause of his death was lung cancer. His doctors gave him six months to live, he then decided to quit smoking his beloved pipe. He lived for three years and died two days after his 76th Birthday.

In honor of my Father I would like to take this moment to draw attention to two things. 

First smoking is directly related to cancer, if you think it isn't you are wrong. When my Dad went into a hospice and died two days later after his three year long battle he was next to a gentleman who had also been given six months to live, but did not quit smoking. Guess what? Unlike my Dad who gave it up and survived three years after his diagnosis, the other man passed within that given time frame.

In short, smoking blows, literally if you smoke please stop. 

Second cancer is the number one cause of death in the world and trust me, it's not a pretty one. Please let's never forget that, for more information about cancer and to donate towards fighting it please click on the link to The American Cancer Society below.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

The American Cancer Society:

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Love Triangle: Ian Harvie

Ian Harvie
My buddy, transgender actor/comedian Ian Harvie is appearing on the ABC hit show Mistresses this Monday night. Yay Ian!!!

Ian shot me this exclusive statement about his guest starring role on the nighttime drama:

"I play a character named "Michael Hester" a wealthy financier who moves to Malibu from NY and hires April Malloy to do the interior of his new home, some feelings are stirred and a kind of love triangle is created between Michael, April and April's man, Marc.

This is a modern night time drama, about 3 women who are best friends, and that no matter what they always love each other.. It tackles a lot of great topics including LGBT relationships and non-monogamy, and the writers always leave you hanging!
My run is a 4 episode arch.. 2 episodes have in this 4th season have already aired BUT my episodes start this coming Monday 10pm on ABC"

Thanks Ian, I know where I'll be this Monday at 10!

Ian on social media:

Friday, June 17, 2016

Again?!?! "A Star Is Born"

Born A Star
Lady Gaga
"Time won't change the meaning of one love, Ageless and ever (ever, ever)
Evergreen" - Evergreen "A Star Is Born" Barbara Streisand

Hollywood does seem to have one love for sure in the timeless tale of A Star Is Born. It was first made in 1937 with Frederic March as the troubled movie star and Janet Gaynor as the aspiring up and coming actress who he guides to fame. Then it was remade two more times with James Mason & Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand & Kris Kristofferson respectively. For the record the only one of these I have seen is the Garland/Mason one, both were brilliant in it!

So, is the third time going to be a charm, or is it going to be three strikes and your out?
Lady Gaga, who I love as a talent, what she stands for and who she is, is in talks to star in the third remake with the, I don't get his appeal, Bradley Cooper directing as well as co-starring. 

Rumor has it Gaga has tested for the role and Warner Bothers execs were impressed. As well they should be as I am sure our Lady's test was off the hook! My trepidation about this lies solely with Cooper.

If he wants to direct, great! However, I think Gaga's presence and talent is so strong she deserves a male lead with a lot more testosterone. Jon Hamm perhaps?

Go Gaga at: 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

TBT: "Parents Just Don't Understand"

Remember the days of yore when Will Smith was the Fresh Prince and he had a sidekick named DJ Jazzy Jeff?
Enjoy the Ride Records has released a 12" vinyl single re-issue of DJ Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Price's "Yo Home To Bel Air" on a very awesome 90's graffiti swirl variant.
This heavyweight 12" re-issue features the extended radio mix of the iconic theme song from the beloved 90's sitcom "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" and includes two rarely heard additional verses further explaining how he became the 'Prince of Bel Air.' The b-side features the Grammy Award-winning hit single "Parents Just Don't Understand." This release marks the first time the song has been re-issued in over 20 years.
A Side
Yo Home To Bel Air (Extended Radio Mix)
B Side
Parents Just Don't Understand
ETR Webstore Exclusive 3 Color Swirl (Green/Pink/Blue) is limited to 500 total copies.
Available NOW exclusively at EnjoyTheRide.Storenvy.Com.
Marbled Neon Green Variant will be available in select retail location starting July 1st and is also limited to 500 copies.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nick Jonas "I've Got A Firm Ass"

Boy Nick Jonas

When being grilled about his fetishes on Watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen asked Nick Jonas "Have you ever been into or would you be into getting spanked"

To which Jonas replied: "Yeah, absolutely, I've got a firm ass." Woof! Come to Daddy...Boy, grrrrrrrrrr...!

Thus in the spirit of the comment I have posted images that objectify Boy Nick (my pet name for him. Hey, we all have our fantasies) above.

I must say I am liking Boy Nick unfiltered a lot, hot to look at and naughty, what more could anyone want in their boy's? 

How about another dirty little bit of info? Yes, please! How's this for hot? Boy Nick admitted getting an NARB on the red carpet, to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. What's that you say? What's an NARB? It stands for "Non-Apparent Reason Boner" He got it at the Young Hollywood Awards while experiencing the after affects of a marijuana lollipop from the night before.

"Look all men get an NARB from time to time" Boy Nick explained. Why "yes" they do Boy, yes they do.

Boy Nick on Instagram:

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Finding Dory: I Want Your Same Sex?

Dory, Ellen, Dory, Ellen
Finding Dory
Is there or isn't there a same sex couple in the upcoming Disney/Pixar production Finding Dory?

There is a scene in the trailer which depicts two women caring over a baby in a stroller. Hmmmmmm...while no speculation has been addressed directly here is what Dory aka Ellen Degeneres has to say about it:

"I personally think it's a great thing, I think everything that we see in the media, whether it's television or film or anything you see—should represent everything that's happening in the world. I think everybody that is in the world should be seen and represented."

Ellen did have one issue with the potential same sex couple in Finding Dory.
"One woman has a very bad short haircut, which I find very offensive" Ha! At least it isn't a damned mullet!

Find out the full scoop when Finding Dory hits theaters this Friday June 17th.

We are the world, and so is Ellen at: