Friday, June 17, 2016

Again?!?! "A Star Is Born"

Born A Star
Lady Gaga
"Time won't change the meaning of one love, Ageless and ever (ever, ever)
Evergreen" - Evergreen "A Star Is Born" Barbara Streisand

Hollywood does seem to have one love for sure in the timeless tale of A Star Is Born. It was first made in 1937 with Frederic March as the troubled movie star and Janet Gaynor as the aspiring up and coming actress who he guides to fame. Then it was remade two more times with James Mason & Judy Garland and Barbara Streisand & Kris Kristofferson respectively. For the record the only one of these I have seen is the Garland/Mason one, both were brilliant in it!

So, is the third time going to be a charm, or is it going to be three strikes and your out?
Lady Gaga, who I love as a talent, what she stands for and who she is, is in talks to star in the third remake with the, I don't get his appeal, Bradley Cooper directing as well as co-starring. 

Rumor has it Gaga has tested for the role and Warner Bothers execs were impressed. As well they should be as I am sure our Lady's test was off the hook! My trepidation about this lies solely with Cooper.

If he wants to direct, great! However, I think Gaga's presence and talent is so strong she deserves a male lead with a lot more testosterone. Jon Hamm perhaps?

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