Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Finding Dory: I Want Your Same Sex?

Dory, Ellen, Dory, Ellen
Finding Dory
Is there or isn't there a same sex couple in the upcoming Disney/Pixar production Finding Dory?

There is a scene in the trailer which depicts two women caring over a baby in a stroller. Hmmmmmm...while no speculation has been addressed directly here is what Dory aka Ellen Degeneres has to say about it:

"I personally think it's a great thing, I think everything that we see in the media, whether it's television or film or anything you see—should represent everything that's happening in the world. I think everybody that is in the world should be seen and represented."

Ellen did have one issue with the potential same sex couple in Finding Dory.
"One woman has a very bad short haircut, which I find very offensive" Ha! At least it isn't a damned mullet!

Find out the full scoop when Finding Dory hits theaters this Friday June 17th.

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