Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Me and My Dad, Bill Shinafelt
Photo: Jan Landburg-Shinafelt
Today is the day that we honor our Fathers, "yes" it's Father's Day people! I have a request of all of you, if your Dad is still living please let him know you love him today. Whether it be a phone call, card, Facebook post on his wall or some sort of gift.

A Father's love should be unconditional and I was lucky enough to have a Dad whose was.

My Father is deceased and I miss him all of the time. He passed away February 23, 2009. The cause of his death was lung cancer. His doctors gave him six months to live, he then decided to quit smoking his beloved pipe. He lived for three years and died two days after his 76th Birthday.

In honor of my Father I would like to take this moment to draw attention to two things. 

First smoking is directly related to cancer, if you think it isn't you are wrong. When my Dad went into a hospice and died two days later after his three year long battle he was next to a gentleman who had also been given six months to live, but did not quit smoking. Guess what? Unlike my Dad who gave it up and survived three years after his diagnosis, the other man passed within that given time frame.

In short, smoking blows, literally if you smoke please stop. 

Second cancer is the number one cause of death in the world and trust me, it's not a pretty one. Please let's never forget that, for more information about cancer and to donate towards fighting it please click on the link to The American Cancer Society below.

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

The American Cancer Society:

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