Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Nick Jonas "I've Got A Firm Ass"

Boy Nick Jonas

When being grilled about his fetishes on Watch What Happens Live Andy Cohen asked Nick Jonas "Have you ever been into or would you be into getting spanked"

To which Jonas replied: "Yeah, absolutely, I've got a firm ass." Woof! Come to Daddy...Boy, grrrrrrrrrr...!

Thus in the spirit of the comment I have posted images that objectify Boy Nick (my pet name for him. Hey, we all have our fantasies) above.

I must say I am liking Boy Nick unfiltered a lot, hot to look at and naughty, what more could anyone want in their boy's? 

How about another dirty little bit of info? Yes, please! How's this for hot? Boy Nick admitted getting an NARB on the red carpet, to Jimmy Fallon on the Tonight Show. What's that you say? What's an NARB? It stands for "Non-Apparent Reason Boner" He got it at the Young Hollywood Awards while experiencing the after affects of a marijuana lollipop from the night before.

"Look all men get an NARB from time to time" Boy Nick explained. Why "yes" they do Boy, yes they do.

Boy Nick on Instagram:

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