Friday, July 22, 2016

It's Super Selena Gomez!

I'm Merely 24!
Selena Gomez
She sings, acts, models and battles lupus in a single bound, it's Super Selena Gomez who turns twenty-four today. File this under things that make me feel old. 

Seriously! Think about it she is only twenty-four and has accomplished all of that not to mention the latest addition to her resume' savvy business woman. 

The fact that Ms. Gomez is also a poised and beautiful young lady certainly doesn't hinder this one woman corporation either.

Since I can't even fathom she is merely in her twenties I am going to let it ride and wish her the happiest of Birthdays and hook you up with her Instagram - she is the most followed celebrity on the app, with over 90 million followers...such an underachiever she is!

Happy Birthday Selena!

Selena on Instagram:  

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