Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday Schwing! Jonathan Groff

Wait For It, I'm Naked!
Jonathan Groff
It's Sunday morning and I am at my computer having my morning smoothie before I am off to Gold's Gym Hollywood for spin class. For some reason I woke - up thinking about Looking star and sexy piece of guy Jonathan Groff. Remembering back to when Andy Cohen asked him what his turn on's and turn off's were on Watch What Happens Live and realizing I stood a chance. Here are Groff's answers:

Very hairy: "Turn on"
Sex on the first date: "Absolutely"
Someone who is only a power bottom: "No, you've got to be versatile."
Someone who dislikes his bestie Lea Michele: "Definitely a turn off."
A Broadway queen: "Borderline"
Someone who's in the closet: "Turn off."
Balding: "Turn on"
Gym rat: "Turn off"
Not interested in marriage: "Turn off"
Mama's boy: "Turn off"

Order for him at a restaurant: "Turn on"

I then ventured over to one of my go to sites Favorite Hunks & Other Things knowing if images of Jonathan naked were to be found I could search and and find them there and "yes" I did find what I was seeking...Groff in all his glory from an indie film called: Twelve Thirty.

Check them out at the link below and bend it like there's no tomorrow.

Happy Schwing Time!

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