Thursday, July 14, 2016

TBT: "Bend & Snap"

Bend & Snap
Reese Witherspoon

Just when you couldn't feel any older than you do, Reese Witherspoon is here to remind you, you are. Yeah, thanks a lot, Reese!

Reese's star vehicle Legally Blonde is now fifteen years old, that's like over one hundred in dog years. She took to her Instagram and Snap Chat to remind everyone of that by recreating costumes and scenes from the movie. She also reminded us of Elle Woods flirtatious "Bend & Snap" move she taught the lovelorn Jennifer Coolidge in the film.

I Want To Go To Harvard
Reese Witherspoon
While completely formulaic, LB is one of the funniest comedy's I have ever seen thanks in no small part to Witherspoon's spot on performance. Not to mention a juicy little cameo by Raquel Welch, just to let you know how truly old I am...

Enjoy the photos of Reese paying homage to the film that made her a star.

Happy Throwback Thursday

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