Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Ver-sayce: Bringing Strange Bedfellows Together

Coincidence Or Conspiracy?
Naomi Campbell, Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Garner

When I first saw this image of one of the more off beat trios you could ever imagine at the Versace fashion show in London my mind first wandered to Ver-sayce.

"Yes" I am a HUGE Showgirls fan. I have seen that film more than twenty times, thus every time I see the Versace name I always go there, and have myself a juvenile giggle. 

OK so back to the strange bedfellows thing. Who but Vers-sayce could bring together Naomi Campbell, Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Garner socializing in a three way conversation?! Also a piece of trivia, three peoples names who do not get spell checked either, now that's something unique! I smell a conspiracy theory brewing...

After the 4th of July madness, descending or otherwise, it's time to be amused at the random mystery of life. 

P.S. You can always leave your hat on.

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