Friday, July 29, 2016

Want To Take A "Sunset Stroll?"

Staple Guns Have Many Uses
AHS: Season 6
Coming Wednesday September 14th to FX in your living room, it's the premiere of American Horror Story Season 6

So far all that is known about it is it is set in the present day and that Lady Gaga, Sarah Paulson and Angela Bassett are returning.

Two influences I see when I view the trailer? The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is spot on in one of them with isolated house, the weird mobile above the baby's cradle and the odd hands grabbing desperately from under the stairs as someone descends them.

Speaking of the baby's cradle does that demonic looking arm with a butcher knife look like it might belong to the Harmon's demon child from the end of AHS: Murder House? Perhaps, or maybe it's an all together new entity to terrorize us. 

All in all this is shaping up to be the most enigmatic season in the AHS cannon. 

Take a "Sunset Stroll" below...if you dare!!!

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