Sunday, August 7, 2016

Birthday Suit, Who Wore It Best: Bloom v Bieber

Look Ma I'm Paddle Boarding!
Orlando Bloom & Katy Perry
My Dad Is So Proud!
Justin Bieber

This past week saw a whole lotta penis from two major male stars. In one corner we have Orlando Bloom paddle boarding with a bikini clad Katy Perry in Italy. In the other corner we have Justin Bieber skinny dipping with some model that I know nothing about in Hawaii

So whose penis wins the Birthday Suit Battle? Well honestly I like them both. Ones cut, the other is uncut and they are both quite pretty. But if we are judging on the sheer audacity of the photos I have to give the prize for this competition to Orlando Bloom.  

Reason? His girl is Katy Perry and you have go give her credit for being cool appearing in photos with her mans manhood and all the rest of him on display while she herself kept it under wraps.

Biber's date mate joined him and exposed herself too.

CFNM (clothed female, naked male) is a huge fetish people and it's fucking hot. Therefore my judgement has been given. 

The Entertain Me's Court rests it's case. Check out the NSFW images below!

NSFW Bloom

NSFW Bieber   

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