Monday, August 15, 2016

"Hooked" on ?6

I'm "Hooked"
OK, how can anything get any more enigmatic than the recent batch of teasers for American Horror Story Season 6?! We have a poster with the moniker "Hooked" and a new teaser that appears to be a botched alien abduction that gives a whole new twist on the "Bend & Snap" routine from Legally Blonde.

The only concrete thing we know about this season which premieres Wednesday September 14th, merely a few scant weeks away, on FX is this: It's set in the lost colony of Roanoke and explains "what happened" AHS style....other than that, who knows what the Hell that is going to be.

Personally I love that they are keeping this season a complete mystery. I have seen some restlessness from fans of the show on the web who want to know, and want to know now! Well, take a valium Veruca Salt and enjoy the fun leading up to the premiere like me! 

Enjoy the botched alien abduction after the jump!

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