Thursday, August 4, 2016

TBT: Mistress Mary & Submissive Dick

Who Knew?
Dick Van Dyke Bottom - Mary Tyler Moore Top
Photo: Annie Leibowitz
My name is Mary Tyler Moore I'll be your Mistress tonight...

A long time ago  on TV there was a sitcom called The Dick Van Dyke Show. It starred Dick Van Dyke (duh) and Mary Tyler Moore as his wife. In typical TV comedy fashion everyone was happy and the problems were work related. 

Both of them went on to do many other things, Dick notably playing Burt in Mary Poppins opposite Julie Andrews. Mary Tyler Moore had her own long running self titled sitcom and received an Academy Award nomination for her portrayal of ice cold Mom Beth Jarrett in on of my favorite films Ordinary People directed by Robert Redford.

Cut to me on the internet last week not sure where I saw this but I came across this quite kinky photo of the two stars shot by famed photographer Annie Leibowitz in 1995. Not sure why it was shot or for what, but I love it and decided to give you all a blast from the more recent past of the two former co-stars. 

Have a good one!

Dick Van Dyke on IMDB:

Mary Tyler Moore on IMDB:

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