Thursday, August 25, 2016

TBT: Truth Or Dare

Truth Or Dare Turns 25!
Released in 1991 Madonna's Truth or Dare caused quite the ruckus. It was made up of concert footage and captured what went on behind the scenes during her Blonde Ambition Tour. 

The ruckus part? The behind the scenes footage of course! It featured all sorts of taboo content that was not really in the forefront of mainstream media consciousness at the time. Such as boy on boy action, frank discussions about sex and disclosures about ones love life...OK, it addressed sex in an open and provocative manner, which managed to cause a media frenzy surrounding it.

I loved it, and found it not only a brilliant piece of filmmaking, but also marketing. There had been nothing like it at the time and it was a liberating experience for this Madonna fan when he saw it at the theater two times before it hit video.

Cut to 25 years later. It had an anniversary screening for 400 fans at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, where Madonna made a surprise appearance much to her fan's delight!

Also on hand was the films director, Alek Keshishian

Does it hold up today you ask? I have seen the film not too long ago, while it is still entertaining the shock value it once had has faded and become the norm for our chaotic society. It is a film of place and time and it is an important piece of pop culture whose influence vividly has it's fingerprints all over what's going on in entertainment today. 

Throwback Thursday indeed.

Truth Or Dare on IMDB: 

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