Monday, September 5, 2016

Burn Baby, Burn

Pretty Tongue Contest
Scott Eastwood & Cara Delevingne

Happy Labor Day from Burning Man! No, I'm not there, I  wish, but apparently Cara Delevingne & Scott Eastwood are.

Black Rock City, Nevada is a Hollywood hot bed, pun intended, this year with celebrities wanting to feel the burn (another intentional pun) and check out for a few days.

When Scott collided with Cara there he did what anyone else would do, took a photo for his Instagram account and posted it with this caption:

 "Look at this little gem I found in the Burn. @caradelevingne I had an amazing time there. I recommend it to anyone who wants a life changing cultural experience that will expand your mind."
Mind expansion is the new black. Enjoy your Holiday!
Scott on Instagram: 

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