Sunday, September 4, 2016

Double Vision: Shay Mitchell

Seeing Double
Shay Mitchell
It's no secret that I am a big fan of Freeform's Pretty Little Liars. Can you believe that summer finale?! When Noel Kahn got beheaded it was shocking and funny all at once, "yes" I laughed, really hard!

What I can't believe is they are going to make us what until Spring for the final ten episodes of the series. April to be exact. I cry foul, the show usually returns in January. Oh, well what is one going to do? Keep up with the "Liars" on social media naturally. 

It seems like only yesterday I was Tweeting, in fact it was when this fun image of Shay Mitchell came through on my feed with the caption: "Never Stop Smiling" which, yeah, made me smile : )

Shay for those of you who aren't aware plays Emily Fields on PLL. Speaking of Emily, I was intrigued that she and Alison DiLaurentis poartrayed by Sasha Pieterse on the show seem to be coupling.

Personally I would love this! Also there is a fan theory out there that actually makes sense. In one of the episodes Emily decides to donate her eggs to make money. They end up stolen, Alison reveals to Emily she is pregnant in the summer finale. The theory is somehow the egg in Ali's womb belongs to Emily thus her unborn child is... Well you get the idea. This is one fan theory I think is going to prove true.

Keep Smiling!

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