Thursday, September 1, 2016

Like A Virgin, Eva Longoria

Eva In Charge
Eva Longoria
It's September 1st already can you fathom that?! We are at the final four months of 2016, September to December flies by quick, always...and you know what that means, Christmas is drawing nigh!

Let's kick off the month with a photo of Eva Longoria directing an episode of Jane The Virgin in Los Angeles. Yep, Eva is like a virgin directing her very first episode of the CW show, but not directing for the very first time.

Eva is smart, that's one of the things I have always liked about her. She is aware her acting career has a shelf life and has set herself up for continued employment beyond it. 

She looks as good in a director's chair as she does on camera. Happy beginning of the end peeps!

PS: I'm assuming that is the back of Gina Rodriguez's head in the foreground

Eva on IMDB:  

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