Saturday, September 24, 2016

Morning Coffee

Morning Has Broken
Sharon Stone

It's Saturday morning time to wakey, wakey eggs and bakey...and of course a delightful cup of liquid crack otherwise known as coffee. For me it would be tea specifically Tejava, whatever it is you use to give yourself that morning jolt, let's face it we all use something, it's time to get it together and start your day, now, yes, I said do it and do it now!

Most of us should be so lucky to bend our ayems like one Ms. Sharon Stone pictured above on an outdoor patio that feels more like she is on luxury vacation than at her house reading her "Morning E-Mails" as she captioned the image.

Personally my morning experience is a very average one in comparison. My alarm sitting on my desk wakes me, I get up turn it off and flip on the light next to it, turn the computer on and get cracking on my routine all within the confines of my bedroom. Shocking, I know, right?!

Hey Sharon, can I come do my morning routine at your place sometime???

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