Monday, October 24, 2016

Nasty Woman: Katy Perry

Team Nasty!
Katy Perry & Friends
Yes, Donald Trump, Katy Perry is too a "Nasty Woman." So much so that she hit the the campus of the University Of Las Vegas in support of Hillary "Ms. Clinton" if your nasty to rally the masses for early voting. 

How dirty of her. Katy also showed how fully she supported Clinton by declaring herself nasty by wearing a T-Shirt with a giant red heart with the words "Nasty Woman" in it. Yep, nasty love is all the rage right now. My suspicion is we are going to get four years of it come November 8th.

Personally I'm sold! I'll gladly take it over the pussy grabbing American Racist any day.

Happy Monday and only one more week until Halloween!!!

I'm With Nasty at: 

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