Tuesday, October 4, 2016

"One Man Circle Jerk" Donald Trump

Look! It's A Bitchy Tangerine!
Tis' the season for ghosts, witches & demons, fa la la la la la la...

Halloween is the most wonderful season of the year with many things to make you recoil with fear. Well this year there is something even more frightening than the supernatural. It's that "One Man Circle Jerk" Donald Trump may become President of the United States November 8th. Contemplate that and tell me you aren't terrified!

Here is one of the best written things about Dumping Trump I have ever read. Wished I could claim it as mine, but I can't. The author wished to remain anonymous on here, he knows who he is, and he knows I think it's brilliant! I mean he hits the nail on the proverbial head calling out Drumpf as a "One Man Circle Jerk." Yep, I am going to drive this quote into the ground, it never gets old.

"Trump is a man with a vision for America, not a specific vision, a great vision...the best vision...Trump has a plan to make this country great again....What plan??....a great plan...a plan that will work because it's the best plan.....Why???... because Trump knows good people...which people???....the best people....people that are not stupid like other people....people who know how to get deals done...what deals???...great deals...the biggest deals... because I know words... What words???...I have the best words... I get my information from watching TV... I consult with myself because I have a great brain... A great brain???...the best brain...Trump will also build a big wall to keep Mexicans out and he will make Mexico pay for it!...How....??? its all part of the great plan!...ISIS will be gone very, very quickly...How???... I won't tell you.. It's a secret !!!...

Trump is a “one-man circle jerk” and he is only about entertaining the uneducated who love him and his great plan. He's all air - no substance. And he is their “Champion."

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