Saturday, October 22, 2016

Saturday Schwing! Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon:
The Beginning
Tis the season so you know I had to offer up a healthy serving of bacon, the Kevin sort that is. Remember when he made his film debut in the original Friday The 13th and teased us with his speedo bulge? Then got killed for having sex with a fellow camp counselor? Of course you do.

Kevin has bared his booty in a lot of films most notably Paul Verhoeven's horror/sci-fi thriller Hollow Man where he played an invisible dude who when he became visible, woke up, well naked, lucky film goers. Butt only booty was truly on display.

Oh, butt (pun intended) it gets better. He kept his slab of bacon concealed for a while even though we could see it in his skimpy swimwear, tighty whities and free balling away, he finally released the Kraken aka Penis in Wild Things, one of my favorite sordid tales because of it's darkly comedic tone. Also well because KB looks great totally naked!

The following images and text with a feast of Bacon are all courtesy of the talented and insightful Tye Briggs at Favorite Hunks & Other Things.

Yes because of Tye I can now make your Saturdays & Sundays a total schwing fest! No need to thank me you can just...use your imagination!

Schwing it, schwing it good!

Friday the 13th & Wild Things (literally here): 

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