Sunday, October 16, 2016

She Wants Revenge

Beware Of  Ear Whispering
Lady Gaga 
"As I whisper in your ear, I want to fucking tear you apart" - She Wants Revenge, Tear You Apart

I have a confession to make. When I was a kid I wanted to grow-up to be a vampire, no joke, for real. My Dad and myself used to watch horror movies during the weekend on TV. Dracula has always held a deep fascination with me. That interest of course extended to any other cool vampires that I took an inkling to.

Personally I am going out on sort of a limb here...not! That my intense interest in vamps stems from their powers being intertwined with sex and eroticism

My favorite vampire film of all time is the late Tony Scott's The Hunger. Following a close second is season five of the TV anthology American Horror Story: Hotel.

Lady Gaga was a kick ass mistress of the night and Matt Bomer as her paramour gave me a certain stirring in my groin. 

Imagine my surprise when I came across a music video montage of Hotel done to one of my favorite songs ever Tear You Apart by She Wants Revenge.

While the song was featured during season five it was used for a specific scene, this video includes several scenes from Hotel and knocks it out of the fucking park! 

Halloween is coming lick it up, like I did after the jump!

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